Friday, October 1, 2010

How to motivate people to buy a product that can teach them how to loose weight

When it comes to selling a product there is just nothing that can do the magic like motivation. Most people who want to buy a product want to know what it can do for them. So when you are selling a product you have to be able to convince the person you are intending to sell the product to that it can deliver on its promise. People often want to be told what to do and you as a marketer must take advantage of that.

Let’s use an example of a weight reduction product as case study. If you want to show someone with a weight problem how the product you are selling can do the magic for them you have to be able to show a proof of how the product has helped to change your own life to that person. Show a picture of your progression from the time before you started using the product right up to your present day. You can also do a video on this; a short documentary that shows you working out or doing what you have been told to do in the instructional manual. People often believe what they see.

On your sales letter you have to scream these words as loud as you can—YOU CAN DO IT! Tell them they have come to the very place where it all ends. Tell them not to give up and that your product can deliver on its promise. Convey your message in a way that it expresses how you feel the emotional pain they are going through every day living with that burden, that fat, that weight. Let them know how they can become that beautiful woman or handsome man again. Finish your letter with a closing remark: I know you will do it, I know you are going to make a wise decision even if you don’t make it today comeback tomorrow.

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