Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to drive free traffic to your parked domain name using article marketing

If you are into the business of buying and selling domain names then this should get you excited as it is a long term method of generating free traffic.

Over the years I have seen how the domain name flipping business have grown from a professionals-only business to a business done by just about any and everybody who is into online business nowadays. Another good thing is that the money generated from this business has gotten higher every year. But that depends on the name of the domain being flipped and the traffic it gets. The opportunity of making money in this business is limitless, but most newbie struggle and never make a dime from it. Why is this so? If you are new in the business of domain flipping what you about to read here will go a long way in helping you improve your strategy of generating free traffic for your domain flipping business. Remember when it comes to buying and selling any thing online you need traffic and loads of it.

To get people visiting your site or domain name in thousands with article marketing you first have to think of what you want to do with the domain name and how you want to go about selling it. If you plan to develop the parked domain into a website and then later flip it you should concentrate on writing articles that focuses on what you want the site to be about. But if all you want to do is to park the domain for a year or more then you should think about writing articles on anything interesting that can generate free traffic regardless of the topic of the site (you don't have to bother much about that as the buyer might change it after buying).

Write your articles using any of the approach listed above. If your can not do it by yourself then all you need to do is to hire a ghost writer and outsource the job to him or her. By the time you have gotten a good number of articles submit them to all the article directory of choice and this will bring lots and lots of traffic to you over a long period of time.