Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choosing the Right Online University; What you Need to Know

By: Daniel Kane

With the growth of online education, students have more and better choices than ever before.While that's something to celebrate, it does give students a lot of institutions to investigate before choosing one.Fortunately, the narrowing down process is easier than it may seem. Step one is for students to ask themselves what they are looking for in an online college or university. As that question is answered, it raises the questions students must answer about the colleges they wish to consider.The questions below are universal...they are a good starting point. Depending on your needs and preferences, just add to them.Accreditation should be a primary concern. Institutions not accredited by a U.S. Department of Education approved agency should be crossed off your list without delay. Any time spent investigating such institutions will be wasted. Rule them out and move on.Your second question should be whether or not a college offers a major in your area of interest and how its program compares with those elsewhere. Faculty qualifications, the availability of academic concentrations, the specific course offerings and requirements, and how well the program might prepare you for your chosen profession are all areas to investigate.Finances, of course, are important to most people. But, asking only about tuition does not result in a full picture. Be sure to find out about the availability of scholarships, student loans, grants and tuition installment options. All can play a role in making an institution affordable.Next is the question of credit for prior coursework and/or experience. Some institutions offer credit for military training, others do not. Some allow students to apply more transfer credits toward a degree. Many, but not all, will evaluate credit in writing, so students know exactly where they stand. Don't forget that previously earned credit, if accepted, can save you time and money.The final "must" questions are about student services. Is anyone available to help you with filling out financial aid forms? How tough is it to contact a professor if you have a question? Does the college offer free job placement, and if so, how effective has it been?Spend some quiet time thinking about your educational and career goals. Add a few questions to those above. Then, start getting answers by reading and by speaking with admissions representatives. As your questions are answered it will be easier for you to eliminate some options and move others to the top of your list.For most students, getting their questions answered turns out to be pretty easy. The harder job is being certain they are asking the right questions. Luckily, that should not now be a problem for you.

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Daniel Kane has been assisting students for more than 25 years through his positions in higher education and more than a dozen educational websites on education online and online colleges.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If you're in the market for electronics at discount prices, count on Clickbank

By: Joe Mitchell

If you have been on the internet for any period of time, you should have heard great things about Clickbank. Chances are that you have been somehow involved in its business too • either as a seller, as a promoter, or as a buyer. In the world of affiliate marketing, Clickbank happens to be the numero uno by far. There’s nothing that comes close to this in the online affiliate programs of the world.

If you’re in the market for electronics at discount prices, count on Clickbank to deliver. With a product list of over 10000 products, chances are that you will find not one, but multiple products of one category, so that you can take your pick from among them.

If you are looking to work from home, Clickbank offers the best affiliate marketing opportunity on the internet. The support offered by the company is unmatched and the kind of money that is made by the work at home affiliates from around the world is also tremendous. Here are some reasons why you should consider Clickbank if you are looking for world class electronics at discount prices.

• Straight from the makers • Clickbank is a medium between the makers who develop the product, and the customers who are looking for a customized solution. The affiliate marketers are the channel by means of which these products are brought all over the world.

• No Middlemen • Since there’s no middlemen or other forms of price enhancements, like association with a popular brand name; the price is not inflated. Hence, the prices are always maintained at an affordable range.

• Great customer service • This is probably the primary reason why you should consider buying a product through Clickbank. When one buys a product and downloads it, the contact information of the publisher of the product is also included. However, if you have any additional concerns or if the publisher is not very helpful, Clickbank will step in and help you resolve any issue that might crop up.

One wonderful thing that has recently started happening online is the appearing of affiliate stores. These are online stores that tie up with providers such as Clickbank, so that you have a whole bouquet of products available under one roof.

Check out the best affiliate program on the net, and you will certainly enjoy the prices on offer!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Should You Get an LCD TV?

By: Roberto Bell

What are the advantages of having an LCD TV? Why would you choose this instead of a regular standard definition TV?

One thing that's nice about LCD TVs is that they tend to be slim and compact. For this reason, it's easy to place them in a room without them taking up the whole space! Most LCD TVs come with the ability to add a mounting kit and mount them to the wall. This is not only a space saver, but it also just looks very modern and cool!

When you mount an LCD TV to the wall, you also are able to keep that particular wall free of furniture such as an entertainment center. If you need to have a DVD player and cable box nearby, you can simply mount a small shelf beside or below the TV, rather than having an entire piece of furniture take up all that space!

Another advantage to LCD TVs' smaller size is that they are a bit easier to transport, not only when you're moving but also when you're changing what room you are keeping the LCD TV in. Regular TV's have that big picture tube which makes them much heavier and more bulky.

Last but not least, a major advantage of LCD TV's is that they have a better quality picture than standard TV's. Bear in mind that not all LCD TVs are HDTV's. Ask the merchant where you are purchasing your LCD TV whether that particular model is an HDTV quality television. It may have the same connections as an HDTV but it may not be able to display HD sources in true, perfect HD quality. This will depend on the resolution (dpi) of the particular LCD TV that you purchase.

Clearly, LCD TVs are a great choice. They tend to last a long time, too, and many of them can display your computer's picture in clear quality (and therefore, they can double as a computer monitor)!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Google Adsense: -Keep your Adsense off on pop ups and pops under

By: Lalita

Considering the money to be made with Adsense, it is no wonder that they would want to get back into it. For more details go to: It is that same consideration why the Google Adsense click fraud is thought of and why many people are getting into it. Click fraud is the act of clicking on ads for the purpose of costing the advertiser money. It is simply the same as paying out cash for false leads. Many people website owners are aware of this fraud and are sharing the same sentiment that this is the one big problem that Adsense is facing.

Majority of web hosts are offering access logs. Once this is offered to you, it is necessary that you hand it over to Google as well. This allows them to look for any suspicious activity on your site. Problems like this are very serious and giving it to them is saying that you would want to help them in any way you can in solving the problem.

It can also help if you have a click monitoring software. If you do not have one yet, you should try and get one. There is absolutely no major factor preventing you from having one because most of this software is free.

Study your server logs and watch for any activity that seems suspicious. Report anything that you may find odd, may it big or small thing.

You may want to consider disabling ads for your own IP address and local geographic area. This will certainly prevent accidents and will not make Google mistake another user as you. You can do through an htaccess file. This will avoid Google mistaking as clicking on your own ads and be kicked out because of it. Keep your Adsense off on pop ups and pop under. Your ads should not be displayed on content sites that promote illegal activity or tampering of the legal rights of other people or business. Included in this are the content that is considered adult and gambling ones. If you think that you may be breaking this rule, immediately remove your content or Adsense from the web page.

Be truthful and confess up to Google about times when you might have clicked on your own as, whether accidentally or intentionally. Or the times when you have done something that is against the Terms of Service that they are implementing. Be honest about anything that you may have done that is wrong. Confessing is way better than Google learning about it eventually. It would mean eventual termination and no getting back what you have worked so hard for.

Do not tell your family or friends about Adsense on your website. Chances are they may start clicking on them to help you make money without you knowing it. They may be doing more harm to you than help by trying it in the first place.
For can visit to: if ever someone you know chanced upon your Adsense makes sure they understand that they cannot click on your ads under any circumstances. It would be wise to brief them on important things about Adsense and what not to do with them.

Most pay per click networks has different measures in hand to protect website owners against click frauds. Other search engines can track more than 50 data points, IP address, browser's information, user's session info and pattern recognition. They also have "systems" available that detects fraud. Not to mention the specialized teams monitoring how things are going and helping advertisers stop click frauds.

Google offers suggestion on how to avoid click fraud. Using "negative keywords" can be used to keep your Adsense showing on products and services that are in no way related to yours. Adding tracking URLs to your links so you can track the traffic coming from Google.

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Hello everyone happy new year and welcome to 2009!