Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Affiliate Marketing - What is it All About and Can You Trust it to Work?

Affiliate Marketing - What is it All About and Can You Trust it to Work?
By Martin Stanford

Due to the fact that businesses today now have the capability to reach out of their area into other parts of the world through the world wide web, online marketing has now become a big aspect in any business venture. More and more businesses are now looking at the internet as a major portal in marketing and advertising.
In this regard, many corporations and small business are looking online to advertise their products and services to reach out to their market from all over the globe. There are many ways business can advertise or market their products online. One way most business market their product or services is through an affiliate marketing program.
Affiliate marketing is an internet-based marketing practice wherein a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. Basically, this technique invovles using a website to put traffic into another as a way to market that particular website.
There are basically four main players in this form of online marketing system- the merchant, the network, the publisher and lastly the consumer. Each of these plays an important role in the cycle of affiliate marketing.
There are many online marketing programs that are being offered most of which provides guarantee of great return of investment. These online marketing programs, such as Profit Lance, provides individuals with the knowledge on how to select one's target market, drive traffic into one's website and how to convert a casual visitor to a buyer.
Generally, affiliate marketing overlaps with other marketing methods to some degree since affiliates often use regular methods in advertising. However, often times affiliates do use unorthodox means to market products or services.
Business that uses some form of marketing program like the ones offered in Profit Lance would often go through a series of courses to help the determine their market mix or where their product or services fit in. Prior to being integrated into the program, businesses are provided with exercises, visual assistance, informative video or audio courses that will teach them how to boost up their business revenue.
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How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Service

By Dan Ho

It seems like every time you turn your head, someone else is launching another affiliate marketing service.
It's a competitive world, and teaching people how to make money online is arguably one of the most fiercely fought over niches.
Which is why I personally stayed away from it -- until last year.
I think there are many good training programs out there for people who want to learn affiliate marketing, from ones that teach SEO, PPC, blogging, article marketing, and so on.
However, one weakness that I see is that too much is still left in the hands of the students to figure out for themselves.
How do I know this? Because I spent years consulting with people who were trying to succeed online as affiliates. And even though I gave them good advice, most people still did not follow through.
Because of this, I am virtually certain that the same happens in almost any affiliate marketing service where students are trained to follow certain steps and take certain actions to succeed.
Look, obviously if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, you are going to have to do SOME work.
But the problem is most people don't succeed not because they aren't willing to work; they don't make it because they have difficulty mastering all of the different elements required for success.
What elements would those be?
Here are some:
1) Profitable Niche/Market Selection
2) Keyword Research (choosing good mid-tail and long-tail keywords)
3) Building a website -- the obstacle here can be either technical or inability to write effective copy for it
4) Mastering a targeted traffic generation technique
In fact, in my years of an online consultant for online business people, these are the most common reasons people fail.
Let's say you sign up for an affiliate marketing service that teaches you how to do these things, you still have to do them yourself and that's tough.
But what if someone did almost all of these things for you! Do you think you might have a greater chance of success? I certainly think so.
I think the one job for all affiliate marketers should exclusively be content creation. If the other elements that hold people back are removed from the equation and people only had to focus on creating the content required for traffic, their success rates would skyrocket.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Not Use Article Marketing to Generate Free Traffic

Why Not Use Article Marketing to Generate Free Traffic

By Lulu C

Why not think of article marketing as a good way of advertising for your site, and can be used to attract a large number of free traffic to your site. Article marketing focuses on the niche market people want information on. Articles can be more focused then the web page and they is no distractions like ads on the web page. It is a good way to focus on a particular product that you want to known in the market place.
With article marketing the reader will concentrate on the content of your article and when they have finished will click on the link in the resource box to get more information. Make sure your link is related to the topic or content of the article. You do not want to talk about how to buy cheap good make up and then your link is about weight loss. The reader will leave your site as fast as they got there.
Writing your own articles is very good. Because you know what the product is about or service that you are offering. You can pay ghost writers, but it will not be as good as you doing it yourself. They are benefits that you can think of when it comes to writing your own effective articles or learning to write them. They is the idea of free advertising at your hands and the ability to get traffic to your website for free. You can also improve your google page rank through the links back to your site from the directories where you have submitted your articles.
You can also think of all the free clicks to your site that your article will generate for you and you will be liable by google and the other search engines. Your article can be listed as a web page and even likely to be listed by google, even ranked number 1 if you have a well written article and hope you can see how much potential article marketing has to generate free traffic for your website.
It is quite easy to write effective articles. You have to take time everyday and write about 3-5 articles and make sure you use keywords that people are searching for. The more articles submitted the more chances you have of getting free traffic to your website.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Should You Rent Games Online? What Are the Benefits of Renting Video Games Vs Buying Video Games?

Should You Rent Games Online? What Are the Benefits of Renting Video Games Vs Buying Video Games?

By Jay Cooper

I've been renting movies online for several years now, but I had never thought to rent games online. Not until I took a good look at all my console games and realized that I waste a lot of money on games that have barely been played and will probably never be played again. The idea of using an online video game rental service was now starting to make sense. So I setup up trial accounts with the top 3 online video game rental companies and gave it a try. I wish I had done this years ago, as I found out there are several benefits to renting video games online.

My favorite benefit of renting video games is having the option of trying out a game to see if I like it before buying it. With so many games to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on what game to buy. Some games might look and sound great on the box cover, but when you plug it into your console, it's a major disappointment. By renting the games first, you'll be able to find out if it's worthy of being added to your gaming library. If you buy a lot of games, this can be a real money saver.

There are some video gamers that like to take a new game and play it from start to finish over several days. Once they're done with the game, it just sits on the shelf collecting dust as they move on to the next game. For these type of players, renting video games can save them a ton of money. You could knock out 3 or 4 games a month for less than $20, compared to spending $150 to $200 or more buying the games. Even if you only rented and played one game a month, it is still cheaper to rent than to buy.

Game selection is another big advantage with online video game rental companies. The largest game rental service has over 6,000 titles available to rent for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. You won't find a selection anywhere close to that size in rental stores like Blockbuster. New releases are available as well as all the older games.

Having the games delivered right to your mailbox is another plus. No more driving back and forth to rent and return video games. This might not be a problem if you have a rental store around the corner, but for many gamers, the closest place to rent video games is a 30 minute drive or longer.

You can also forget about having to worry about returning the game on time to avoid getting hit for late fees. Most online video game rental companies allow you to keep the game as long as you like. It doesn't matter if you go through the game in a couple of days, or a couple of weeks. Return it when you are ready and they will send out your next game.

If you go through a lot of games, or are just tired of paying the high cost of buying games, renting games might be a great option for you to consider. If you would like more information, I've written a detailed review of my experience with the top 3 online video game rental services here.
If you are thinking about using an online video game rental service, then you need to read my reviews here: Rent Games Online.
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