Saturday, October 23, 2010


Have you ever driven a car to the point you get to the sign that reads ‘Warning! Dangerous curve ahead!’? I bet you have seen one of such signs before. While observing Forex 'charts' during the course of a trade I came to realize one truth: a good robot will warn you of a dangerous curve ahead while a bad one will probably ignore the sign or not take a note of it at all. It is without doubt that Forex trading online is one of the most patronized businesses up till date and this have given rise to a boom in software sales.

Most of these software vendors make ambiguous claims of making well over 500 pips in a day which converts into thousands of Dollars depending on the amount being traded and the methods used. While some of the claims might be true most of it are false and misleading. I mean think of it, if a robot is that smart and it can generate that kind of results then why the hell will the owner sell it to thousands of other competitors out there who are competing for that quick cash online.

Another thing you should consider is that if the robots are designed to be so smart that they don't make you lose any money online then how does any one get to make money online? What I mean by that statement is that: every penny lost by you in a trade is a penny gained by someone else. So, before you go and spend that hard earned money to buy a robot that promises a cash flow of Dollars it will be wise of you to take note of the sign that reads: dangerous curve ahead.

Beware of the 'bo-bots' (bad robots) that promise to make you so rich over night even while you are away from your computer— they are all bobo (bad advice or lies)! First take time out to thoroughly research a robot before you shell out all that hard earned money for it. Here is how to begin your research—go to Google and type the words: Forex robot scam or fake Forex robots. You can use other phrases as well. If you are not satisfied with what you get then visit popular forums online and ask or post any question you may on any topic regarding Forex robot scams. You are sure to meet someone out there who can help you with some good advice on which Forex robot to buy that can really help you make some good money online.

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