Friday, October 1, 2010

Reverse look up is a technology that allows anyone to easily trace a caller

Reverse look up is a technology that allows anyone to easily trace a number or a caller but not by the traditional method of checking yellow pages or phone books. The technoly allows you to trace or get information about a person by entering the number into a query search and then it tells you or gives you information about the person who owns that number. lets say you are having an annoying problem with someone who keeps sending you missed calls (maybe an admirer who is so shy he can't call). All you need to do is to type the number into the query/search and bingo! He got busted!

Reverse phone is a service that is not too common in most countries. But you can enjoy the service if you are in a country like the United States of America (US) or Canada. These two countries are well knowned to have companies that go as far as buying or collecting such data from different telecommunication companies, mobile phone service providers and other institutions.

The service can either be free or paid for depending on the company offering you the service. The paid one might offer more option though. Paid reverse lookup by phone number companies have one form of agreement or the other with other third-party companies, users are expected to pay for the information they obtain in what ever form. And also the paid reverse lookup companies are bound by whatever agreements they have with other companies to charge for their services.If you are interested in this type of service you can pay for it by using a credit card or that means that is available on the payment option. Please note that before your payment is processed by the sites that offers this type of services you will be expected to fill out more information about yourself than you will necessarily want to and some times a little about personal details that you might not want to give out. This helps to discourage any attempt to use the reverse lookup by phone number for illegal purpose.

To trace a particular unknown caller all you need to do is to enter the person's number into the search box then click it to search for the information about that person.From the result page you will be able to get certain information about the person such as the person's: name, age, sex, address, map, criminal background records, family background records, place of birth, bankruptcy information, criminal record and a lot more you wont find elsewhere, but beware you will be charged more money for it.

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