Friday, November 14, 2008


With the game fully launched and the hype dying down the critics have done their job and trully GEARS OF WAR 2 is really a great game. But is it going to last on that gory? Oh! i mean glory. I bet it wont last that long. Why? Because the best games are just warming up for their own glorious release--Think Killzone 2, yes the game is currently at the stage where all and every one who bashed Sony for showing a preredered game demo in 2005 and calling it in-game are now whispering in their closet saying: so the Guerilla game guys are actually going to pull it off!!! Over a million copies of Gears of War 2 games have been sold across the globe and played by its fans but over all the needling feeling of some thing more creeps in after playing a game like this. For one every successful Horde match completed, there are Matchmaking sessions so painful, that they make the gamer so restless they feel like watching a TV Soap. And for a game coming from a well respected Game engine designer and game developer as EPIC GAMES it's sad to say that the Character animation of Gears 2 didn't do much to showcase the strenght of the Unreal Engine--remerber there was so much talk about the engine working with Natural motion early this year. Obviously, the Guerilla guys have done a better job with the Killzone 2 character animation system.

Graphic wise: the graphic is bleedingly cool--I love it!!!

Gameplay wise: I think the game was cool, but I believe can be done to improve the next instalment.

Story wise : I think it was better than Gears one. And I think many will agree with me on that.

Color: the colors were not too bad the grays, browns and combinations of the same, Yes I liked it but I will like to see something better come the next instalment. So that is all from me for now-- with this little criticism of mine I hope the all combined voice of every one who loved to play the game enough to write something about it will help shape the way the game will look like and play like come the next instalment--GEARS OF WAR 3.

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