Friday, November 21, 2008

The Matrix-come back please!

The matrix is a great movie and the follow up sequels: The Matrix reloaded and the matrix revolution are a master peice that deserve more than the little praise it got for all the greatness. Oh! If you don't know the matrix is science fiction movie that came out some years back. If you are a science fiction lover then you need to go and watch the whole Trilogy. I bet you will like it.

Now, why am I talking about an old science fiction movie as the matrix at this point in time. This is because I still can't find any thing new out there that will make me yearn for more of my sci-fi love. I mean this whole year begining from January till now there just seem to be nothing out there to watch as a good sci-fi movie. And just so somebody out there know: The Matrix Trology is my best Sci-fi movie ever! So I want to make a request to the Wachowski brothers, please make another Matrix movie!!! I am just sick and tired of all the crap, lame sci-fi movies coming out these days. Phew!

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