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Feature article: Things to do at Bratz Dress Up Games

Things to do at Bratz Dress Up GamesBy: Lea Smith

Buzz up!on Yahoo!UnratedYour RatingAdd a comment to your rating Sometimes, some young ladies and teens take a break after a long day by paying more attention to themselves: a visit to the spa, or to some high-end fashion boutique. A few others simply save by daydreaming! And if one is going to day dream about something, what can be a better scenario than you ready for a social function, wearing the latest and elegant clothing and accessories, and definitely a certified fashion chic! There's also no doubt that such luxury, even if you were to have it all in a day, would not last far beyond that twenty-four hour moment of glamour. Nevertheless, there will always be a way for you to put your daydreams into a sharper focus. Don't worry, there are no breath-taking costs involved here, and while it may seem incredible, we agree that fashion shopping is out of the question here. So how to plant your feet more firmly in the world of magic fashion? In the web of course, with Bratz games- dress up games!

In playing this game, there are only a few things to remember: first, that you are beautiful and somehow there is a fashion sense in you in your own way, and second, there is no right way to enjoying discovering your own artistic fashion sense in Bratz games.

Now let me give you an idea of how a Bratz game goes. The Bratz are currently becoming swamped in their careers and they are now having a hard time attending to themselves! Can you picture out the unthinkable: Chloe in drab disarray? Your mission will of course be to get Chloe her fashion groove and sense back with the help of a dress up game. Be careful about selecting the most stylish and chic wear available at the list of options. Do your best to come up with the right blend of dress, shoes, hair and makeup plus accessories: a celebrity's fate is twice over in your hands, or rather in your mouse clicks!

There is a lot that can be done with Bratz games. If you think you are already a brain when it comes to the theory of a high fashion life, you can even design the clothes yourselves. Yes, why not be a master of haute couture for a day, and take control of those scissors and the expert, discerning eye?

Then there are also those thinking that the creativity activities here are limited to dress up or imaginary tailoring. The fun doesn't stop there however. If you think you are more of an interior designer and the dress fashion is not exactly your cup of tea, then log on and join just the same! Why not try a bedroom makeover? The Bratz have just bought extra pieces of furniture, and are in a quandary how to make everything fit. Another challenge could be that they cannot decide which pieces to switch or to keep elsewhere so that they can renovate in time with the new season.

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