Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Videogame shooters spree!

The game
The gaming world has been in a turmoil ever since shooter genre came into the scene: First Person Shooter, RPG-shooter and so on, many genre that had been before had to bow out just so that investors can be assured they will get back their money in one piece. The effect this kind of games have had in our real world can not be overemphasized: you probably must have heard something on the violent college shooters who claimed to have something to do with the game 'DOOM' (I am talking about the columbine shootings). The debate whether violent games make people violent is still on, in some countries some of these games have been banned but yet more are produced each year and they come out as number one sellers even grossing more money than some Hollywood blockbuster movie titles.

Video game violence: is it good or not good?
I think violence is good in a game so long as it is not being over done and the object of the violence is not a human character. What I am trying to say is that so long as the object
(character) the violence is being vested on is not a human being (character) but a beast, an evil Alien specie trying trying to take over our planet, a demon, etc then it is good. But when it is a human character that is on a good side then such violence is not necessary.

As games get edgier
The gaming industry is growing and new technologies to foster it are coming so rapidly that is hard to keep up with. As games get edgier reality is foreseeable before the next decade. Gamers are itching for more by every seconds that passes by and the game developers are always ready to whet their appetite. It is so had to conclude on any thing right now but one thing is sure: things will get better with time, but don't count on the violence in games getting down any time soon-it will get worst and scarier.

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