Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy crap! E3 is upon us!

Yeah, at last the long awaited E3 is upon us. For those of you who don't know E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo; one of the world's famous electronic show which takes place every year from July15 to July 17th is here once again. This great event is taking place live in LA .

After the 2006 iteration of the show, however, E3 which used to be a show open to the teeming masses and a big event for the video game industry was dial down by several orders of magnitude and announced to be no longer a show to be view by all and every Dick and Harry who could afford to buy the ticket to the show. Consequently the venue was changed and the show would no longer be held at the gargantuan convention center. Instead, it was moved to a much smaller nearby building in Santa Monica, Calif., and held in hotels.

It became an event that lost a lot of its excitement as it became a much smaller, invite-only affair. Come to think of it i think it 'better served its core purpose of bringing publishers and platform companies together with journalists and analysts'. Well, what ever may have happened wouldn't change the fact that E3 will always be E3 and we all (gamers around the world) love it because it helps us to know more about our games and gives us a glimps of what technological gooddies awaits us in the nearest possible time. Go check it out if you live around that area. If you have any problem locating the place just Google-it.

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