Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gaming is fun!

Have you ever played a game before?
I want to believe some how that you have and that you might have enjoyed playing a game or two. Well, here is good news for you: the next generation of video games will be so cool you will thing you are playing or directing a movie. Graphically they will be as detail as a movie, sound will be as realistic as you being there, characters will animate like their real life replica and most of all physics (how things react to touch, impact, etc) will be nothing short of what you see in real life.

How is that possible?
Technology makes it all possible. If you are as current as I am on latest computer technology you will understand why I am very excited about this so much to post it on my blog. But let me save you the trouble of going on a wild search. From the news I have been able to gather here and there is every course to believe something cool is just around the corner. By next week between July 15th to 17th, in San Francisco, USA, the world's most popular electronic show E3 will be taking place. And we will all hear from the horses mouth what they all have in store for us; from game developers, hardware makers, middleware developers, etc so stay tuned to E3. But in the main time here is what you need to know: nVidia the popular video game graphic card maker is launching a brand of handheld (mobile) graphic cards called tegra which is able to give video output in 1080p i.e HD quality, that also is not the least from nVidia as they are planning to roll out a new set of highly overclocked graphic cards for PCs. Next is AMD, woah! the last time they show something on their next release--new line of board and processors tech demo it was something to behold, what about IBM, Apple 3G Iphone, Sony, Microsoft Direct x 11 coming out with the next windows 7. Good lord! There is much to expect come E3 next week so just like i said before all you need to do is to here and get all your news:

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