Saturday, July 26, 2008


In the not too distant years ago when DirectX 10 just launched ( some time in the late 2006 with the release of Windows Vista), things were looking like nothing better than this API could come out of Microsoft until another five years but lo an behold at Seattle-based Gamefest 2008 on Tuesday, Microsoft was touting the latest addition to its API suite.

DX11 will introduce new shader technology "that lays the groundwork for the GPU to be used for more than just 3D graphics, so that developers can take advantage of the graphics card as a parallel processor."The Microsoft spokesman said during one of their session in Gamefest 2008.

The Microsoft spokesman also said that DX11 will be compatible with DX10 and DX10.1 hardware (as well as new DX11 hardware), so gamers won't have to toss current hardware to play newer games.

When Microsoft made the last Direct3D transition, DX10 was not compatible with DX9 hardware.

Microsoft also said DX11 will also handle multi-threaded resource handling to allow for the exploitation of multi-core machines, support for tessellation and full Vista support.

An exact release date for DX11 is to be determined.

The last time Direct3D transition, DX10 was not compatible with DX9 hardware.

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