Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Google is good

Ever since the Internet became part of my must-have and must-do for an everyday life i thought through it and came to one conclusion the Internet can not be good until it can reward me in some kind of way, and true to the fact: it did.

Now, that's that for the Internet. How about Google? Can we say it is good or not good? I think if any thing can be said to be good it has to reward the person who uses it in some form of way and that is what Google does with its AdSense program. So it is good and it is good for all and every one, unlike many other company out there Google offers its users some kind of partnership dividends and from my own point of view this is a good business model, this is the new business model of the century. It is like buying shares without really going to stock exchange. I emphasize this mainly because not all companies out there doing affiliate program really make it accessible to Nigerians (Pay pal is still not accessible to Nigerians living in Nigeria). So, all thumps up for Google, Keep the Google up!

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