Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Should You Get an LCD TV?

By: Roberto Bell

What are the advantages of having an LCD TV? Why would you choose this instead of a regular standard definition TV?

One thing that's nice about LCD TVs is that they tend to be slim and compact. For this reason, it's easy to place them in a room without them taking up the whole space! Most LCD TVs come with the ability to add a mounting kit and mount them to the wall. This is not only a space saver, but it also just looks very modern and cool!

When you mount an LCD TV to the wall, you also are able to keep that particular wall free of furniture such as an entertainment center. If you need to have a DVD player and cable box nearby, you can simply mount a small shelf beside or below the TV, rather than having an entire piece of furniture take up all that space!

Another advantage to LCD TVs' smaller size is that they are a bit easier to transport, not only when you're moving but also when you're changing what room you are keeping the LCD TV in. Regular TV's have that big picture tube which makes them much heavier and more bulky.

Last but not least, a major advantage of LCD TV's is that they have a better quality picture than standard TV's. Bear in mind that not all LCD TVs are HDTV's. Ask the merchant where you are purchasing your LCD TV whether that particular model is an HDTV quality television. It may have the same connections as an HDTV but it may not be able to display HD sources in true, perfect HD quality. This will depend on the resolution (dpi) of the particular LCD TV that you purchase.

Clearly, LCD TVs are a great choice. They tend to last a long time, too, and many of them can display your computer's picture in clear quality (and therefore, they can double as a computer monitor)!

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