Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do everything you want to do on your blog because it's your blog

Do everything you want to do on your blog because it's your blog

Often times I read a lot of dos and don’ts on a lot of topic on blogging. If you are the type that wants to follow all those rules to the letter then I must tell you one real truth: you are missing the real thing. If I may advice you about what to do and not do on your blog then I must tell you. Honestly, do everything you can on your blog. Yes, including most of the don’ts like don't write about your cat or one of such stuffs.

The truth is that most of what you are told are the best tricks that work on the net these days are mostly experiment in progress, no proven best ways that work has really been established yet. Though, people can be akin to one style of doing things than the other. They are still some people out there who will still view you blog when you write about personal things.

So think about it what do you want your blog to be about? Your own story or a stereotype of so many out there. Just be more presentable when you write about some of those don’ts. Make the title very catchy and attractive. Everybody needs a break some times and don't forget that your readers need that too—why? Because they are humans too.

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