Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To Go About A Friend Search

By: Francis K Githinji

A friend search is what you get up to when looking for people to hang out with. A friend search is pretty necessary especially when you move to a new place where you do not know anyone. When you go to a new school for example, you often feel alienated and it calls for a search for friends. There is an easy way to make your first connection to potential friends. It really does not matter what age you are at. We all make friends in the same way. First, it is essential for you to be friendly. There are many people who are very friendly and yet never get around to establishing good friends. This is mainly because they lack one thing. It is all about the person you really are. If you are a not a lovable person, people will keep away from you; at least people worth true friendships. You must be sincere and not just looking to be popular for the sake of it. Know that you really want to make friends who are real and supportive. With this attitude, you will find people introducing themselves to you. Of course you have to show interest in them.

During a friend search, not all people are suitable in becoming your friends. In other words, you would rather be alone rather than make certain friends. Know which category you fit. If you are an honest person, you deserve to be with people who are just like you. However, if you are not that virtuous, you will feel more comfortable in a lot that is just like you. Therefore, learn who you are and where you fit. I cannot insist enough on the need to be in a group that lifts you up and makes you a better person. In all spheres of life, you are bound to meet all kinds of people and, where you choose to go will determine the kind of person you really are. In a friend search, look for people who have the same interests as yours. For example, if you are at a work place, look for mates who appreciate topics you like. In a school setting go for friends who are in the sports you love and so on. This way, you will have a point of discussion as you get to know each other.


One thing always to remember in a friend search is that bad company will ruin good morals. This is so in all kinds of friendships no matter what age. Making a little conversation with people will be the key to start making friends. Sometimes, when you have not done a thorough search or any search at all, you will realize that you can make friends who you are not sure you want to keep. There is nothing difficult like making friendship with people you would rather not. Therefore, even if you have no friend right now, take time before you decide who will the best friends. In the end, you will realize that friends are present in our lives to be cherished and they are worth making; they enhance our lives.

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